• m_a_n_g_t_u 6w

    What's sexy about nature is she's honest, her integrity is brutal.
    One of my oldest & favourite.

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    Ray from mighty sun go straight,
    mere feather holds courage to barricade,
    it's destruction seems explicit,
    burn to death written in fate.

    The ray would not bend , would not cheat.
    Even if it's in place faraway.
    Even if no one is watching.
    Even if it's needed in there.

    Leaves thriving in chaotic pattern uniformly,
    Similitude was never there nor was any rivalry.
    Coz ideal is irksome, one sprouting preeminent way,
    adjacent gone wicked, for the beauty, to stay.

    Faraway a star, burning it's heart,
    deep in the dark, without a pulse,
    no planets to run, species to nurture
    revolving for end with same impulse.