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    Dear @bartender / @iambroken___

    I don't know where to start..or how to start basically..At first, I thought I'd keep it this way "I'll never show, you'll never how"...'cause I was a bit scared..okay, not just a bit..I was way too scared..but oh! I'm a gryffindor and gryffindors are brave! Well, sometimes, they're scared too..Now that you've decided to leave this place forever..'forever' this word scares me so much...I can't hide this anymore..it's now or never..so, it all started a year ago...perphaps, more than a year..I wasn't even looking when I found you..I found and boom! I fell...it was that typical first sight thing! Or in our case the typical "first-text" thing...Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favourite..you came without warning and had my heart before I could figure out anything..you were a risk, a mystery and the most certain thing I'd ever known..you drew memories in my mind, I could never erase and painted colours in my heart, I could never replace. Look at everyone else, they're merely words, but you, you are poetry..some people are artists, some, themselves are art...those eyes of yours could swallow stars, galaxies and universes...what hope did I ever have?..Every night when I talked to the stars, they told me about the moon and I told them about you..I love stars..( btw I'd like to tell you a little secret, once I had to write an orignal short story in my English Language exam and I named the protagonist after you! it was a really sad story though) When I met you, I knew a great adventure was about to happen..full of ups and downs..I remember, once you disappeared for a little too long..I was about to leave this place(since, it's a really toxic place)..I had almost lost hope that I'll ever hear from you again..but..a miracle happened! Abracadabra! Oh, yes I believe in magic and miracles, I'm a witch...all of a sudden you commented on one of my posts "hope you are fine"
    Oh jeez! I wasn't fine until I read that comment( I haven't deleted it yet)..there's a saying "two broken souls can fix each other"...I think we were meant to be, but we did it wrong..anyway, we're under the same sky..at least..you know what..I've been kinda stalking you(with this acc) since a year...I got to know that 19th November 2016 was the best night in your life 'cause you were at a concert consisting of 80,000 people..Hope I ain't wrong...You love music, I know that..music to my heart, that's what you were and still are and will always be..I found out many other things as well..I won't reveal everything now or this letter would become way too long..anyway, you had that really 'not-so-okay' habit of disappearing or more precisely "blocking me and thinking I'd think that you had deactivated your account"(sometimes, you really deactivated your account)..tbh, I used to think that in the beginning..and I used to be so worried..but one day I thought of making another account..hmm..I've got a ravenclaw's mind..and so I did..I searched for your account, and I found it! I was so happy and sad too('cause I got to know that I was right in thinking that you've blocked me) But, I was the happiest when I opened your profile and saw the bio! There was a honey emoji '��' Why wouldn't I be happy? I'm Honey...Honey is my name..
    I took a screen shot...Okay, okay I know, I know perhaps that emoji wasn't for me..or maybe it was..I don't know yet...You kept on giving certain signs that I could connect with myself...everything was so wonderful..everything was so clear yet confusing..I had almost got you when you slipped away..You fell for someone else..she's indeed beautiful..what else could be better than seeing you happy? The only thing I hate about her is that she doesn't like books, rather hates them..How could someone hate books?!.I bet, you guys have a lot in common..that's great..Honestly, my heart did shatter when I found that out..I was heartbroken..Anyone would be..but needle and the thread gotta get you out of my head, needle and the thread gonna wind up dead..I'm happy for you..at least you wouldn't be broken anymore..you deserve to be happy..you deserve everything...You're happy and so am I..maybe one day in future we'll meet again when you'll be all happy and fine..you'd be with "her" ...and You'll ask me "After all this time?" and I'll say "Always"..'cause I love you..and I'll always do..until the very end..if you've read the harry potter books you'd understand what I mean..if you haven't, do read them..I love books..My soul is divided into infinite pieces..and each piece lies in all the books that have been written and will be written in future..when I was reading the hp series I didn't know we'd end up like Snape and Lily..Me as Snape and you as Lily(I just changed our genders! Don't get offended though)..I wish time had better timing for you and me...how strange it is to dream of you even when I'm wide awake..I think, in some other life we are standing side by side and laughing that, in some other life(this one) we are apart..when all this is over will our atoms play amongst the stars? Will we dance and laugh through the galaxies? Will we be together and happy at last?..I have this weird theory that some people are drawn to each other because their atoms were near each other when the universe was created and over time they keep coming back together..I love science..I believe in the universe..two souls don't find each other by simple accident..my heart still drowns in the possibility of you and me..lately, you said a lot of things you shouldn't have..not just you but your friends too..you guys accused me for something I never did...but it's okay..I understand..still, what a curse it is to be ever understanding but never understood..a couple of days ago when you said goodbye to me, it felt like you told me that there would be no oxygen to breathe tomorrow..it's funny how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with the little pieces, isn't it?..you know what..you could break my heart in two, but when it heals it beats for you..I know it's forward but it's true...oh yeah I'm singing..sad birds still sing..the door to my heart, oh just a sec! "Alohomora!" Ah yes, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the door to my heart will always be open for you..sometimes, it's not the butterflies that tell you, you're in love but it's the pain that does..my heart wants to hold on..but my mind wants to let go..sometimes the greatest love is to simply let go..it sucks when you know you need to let go, but you just can't..because you're still waiting for the impossible to happen..I hate that I'm still hoping..Waiting for you is like waiting for the rain in this drought..useless and disappointing..I hate that I'm not yet ready to get out of the story that I thought was mine..It's pathetic, really, how much I hope it's you and me in the end..Hope is a dangerous thing, it keeps us alive just to kill us in the end...I used to build dreams about you..I can't unlove you..I don't even know how I'm writing all this..love makes the brave shy and the shy brave..after such an epic tale we deserved a better ending..where did it go wrong? I still can't figure that out..it's not just the heart, sometimes the mind breaks as well..you weren't just a star to me..you were the whole damn universe..and you still are..maybe I'll meet you in another life since this wasn't enough..we'll meet where the end begins, in echoes, where your world would be me and mine would be you..your heart and my heart are very very old friends...we have the same kind of stardust in our souls..I'll leave a page blank, in case you come back..don't ever forget, somewhere between the hello and goodbye, there was affection..so much affection..now that you're leaving and everything is falling apart( actually, everything started to fall apart ever since I found out that you were in love with someone else)...I just wanna ask a few things..first of all, when's your birthday? Seriously! I don't know when it is! I know this sounds so weird. I'd request you to tell me that..don't just tell any date at random..let me explain why..because whichever date you speak is going to be stamped in my heart forever..days and months and years would pass and I'd still think, that particular day is your birthday..and I'd quietly wish you in my mind at 12 o' clock..I'd write letters(though you'd never be able to read them)..someday maybe I'd write a book and I'd name the protagonist after you and his birthday would be same as yours..and so on..so please don't lie..the second thing I wanna ask is did you ever feel the same? Or was it all in my fantasy? Were you only imaginary? The third and perphaps the last thing I wanna ask is If you ever felt the same, why didn't you ever try? Why didn't you ever give us a chance?
    Btw I've never described myself to you, have I? No. I don't think so..maybe because I can't be described..anyway, let me try..well, I have the looks of a Hufflepuff, personality of a Slytherin, mind of a Ravenclaw and heart of a Gryffindor..read the books, if you aren't able to understand..and oh! I have brown eyes..just like yours! If you ever miss me someday(though I know that's not gonna happen) talk to the stars..tell them that you're missing me..they'll tell me..I'm a never-ending puzzle but still if you want to know about me(though I know you don't) read books..as many as possible..a part of me lies in every book..Lastly, I'd say, if I could do it all again, I know I'd go back to you..gryffins are red, ravens are blue; you're the snitch I chase on the broom, as time goes on I'll remind you well, I love you, Always. The Unbreakable spell. Take care.



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    "After all this time?"