• novanogravity 24w

    Stop and smell the roses,
    Don't forget ��

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    Fireworks explode against the night sky
    It is hot and muggy but amazingly
    My mother rolls her hair into curls
    It is a wet Wednesday
    One full of drunken truths and walking papers
    From the corner of the room,
    I can hear a black cat screaming outside
    The motor mouth spins its tongue dry
    I am dead silent and still... Pouting... Moping
    My sister reassures the wound.. She pouts too
    Tilts her head along with mine
    Side to side we go until a smile appears
    She is mocking me
    A mocking bird
    My mother says "leave your sister be"
    We chuckle a bit at each other
    There is love here.. In the wilting rose
    Sitting perched on the window sill