• samadrita_the_untold_stori 9w

    She thought that in their relationship there is enough trust and understanding and that's why she wanted to do a prank but she never ever imagined that the prank will turn into reality ��
    Then also she remained silent in the thought that he will understand her situation and wait for her but little did he know that he also wanted to break their relationship as he have the thought that she is having too much trust issues upon him ��
    Still she never ever stopped loving him ��
    7 months passed then also she have the same feeling ��
    She wanted to show him that she don't care or love him and not wanting to talk with him
    But deep inside she is dying to talk with him and she collects all information about him to know whether he is in which phase of his life
    She wanted to be with him till her death but it is said that you have to sacrifice something to get something
    Her family was her 1st priority and he was 2nd
    His happiness make her happy
    His sadness makes her questioning that why he is sad
    He loved his mother the most
    And that's why in the part of her diary where the pics were sticked the1st pic was he with his mother ♥️
    Thursday it was ��
    She lost her everything ��
    And she is happy to loose it ��
    She lost something which can't be her forever ��
    Thus she is happy ��

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    There was a beauty in the silence of her words

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