• 120_at 5w


    To cherish you was like taking care of lotus petals
    It smiled when the wind blew from southwest.
    When I awoke, uproar as a storm
    Scattered the lotus in the pond.
    When I turned back it was already dusk
    No lotus, no petals.
    Promised to be dauntless to be together,
    Slept when you rode pig-a-back on mine.
    Thirst to go back to our childhood
    and never grow older.
    Hold each other's hand and never go apart.
    Unknowingly,we jumped extremely high
    Now, being screened by clouds we can't see each other.
    Past never returns so as the loved one's.
    Chapped lips during summer
    Dry eyed on someone's adieu,
    Tear rolled down when the wind blew from southwest
    Promised to be dauntless to be together
    So, let my blood lead to the pond and unites forever.
    -Ankita Tirkey