• anugraha10 6w

    Why ? Your asking me ....
    Its funny ,how 5 years been passed,

    Like yesterday's frozen nights
    You have moved so far away
    Beyond,where my eyesight fades
    Never knew feeling changes so quickly
    Like directions of wind in Leafy season
    One is stuck somewhere in his agony
    And the other one flew away in search of another nest

    Oh please Tell me ?
    Whats left in the name of my exsisntance

    Can't you see i m just a puppet
    Whose strings are tangled
    Between reality and those imagination
    From where, he can't escape
    I trusted you with my soul & mortal
    I guess, it was just another object for you
    What an amiss, i trade my soul to someone
    Who never believed in me,not your fault

    Your asking me,I hates you ?
    Yes,i hates myself !

    Because i couldn't hate you
    Neither can't resist the fact,
    I love you so much which you never understood
    Was it my fault just because i loved you ? Tell me;
    Maybe unlike others,i couldn't showed up to u
    Yeah, i was imperfect
    But never wasn't complicated

    Sometimes i wonder for what exactly i m waiting
    For her or the death which can embrace me forever

    And now,
    You came to ask me "How m i"
    "What i m suppose to say you now ? "
    Cause you caught , wherever i lie

    Maybe our sky and sea never ment to meet
    The horizon we created , just be happy for me

    (Hangs up the call )

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    Why do you hate me ?

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