• uerowords 6w


    I'm not in danger, but I scream for Mercy
    No pain, but the tears never cease
    No blemishes, but I still feel dirty
    I'm seen as smooth, but I still feel the crease

    From dusk to dawn I wonder
    Come rain or shine, I think
    The more I'm left, the more I drow
    And in my thoughts, I sink

    The due for life is ever cheap
    But the due is never paid
    Until the final tick has struck
    And life sends her hand maid

    O ponder, you mind in sorrow
    O wonder and reveal truth
    For life has come and gone at once
    And stolen all your youth

    What do you really want?
    What do you really need?
    Are the intentions of your heart pure?
    Or are you filled with greed?!