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    It’s a long one. I’m kinda insane based on this.

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    Completely Insane

    Living and dying at the same time.
    A logical contradiction in our illogical lives.
    We can punish ourselves for an imagined crime
    submitting to the will of the knives.
    Recompense is never sought
    but we shall instead call it retribution.
    A silver tongued serpent should never be fought
    for it gave us the need to seek absolution.
    Gilded damnation is always hidden.
    A cage made of gold is still a cage.
    Beneficial subjugation remains completely forbidden.
    History. Like time. Disappears with age.
    Even darkness appears like sanctuary
    when we are forcefully dragged into the light.
    At first we are paranoid but will not see it as necessary.
    We want to kick and scream and fight.
    Accidental machinations quickly form into a plan
    but our fictitious memories however fractured are forgotten.
    We can’t remember how it all began
    still knowing our original intentions to be rotten.
    We are all inwardly vindictive contemptible and treacherous.
    Also we have quirky dedication. Named obsessiveness.
    Messages and signals will never be heard or found.
    The unworthy or the damned. In their screams we are drowned.
    Rantings and ravings of the already lost.
    Pay your price. Ignorant of the cost.