• drpriyanko 23w

    Rain and Love

    It rained again tonight..
    Big drops gushed onto the window panes
    They made it hazy like the tears make my eyes.
    The candle light flickered,
    A silent reminder to my frivolous life..

    Years have passed,
    I ran only after money...
    Trampling down wild flowers
    under my feet of ego.
    Now I see in life, what matters the most is love.

    The love which poured from the mother's embrace.
    The love which the damsel put as flowers in her braids.
    The love with which your wife first kissed.
    The love which your daughter said that she missed(you).
    The love which you miss when you are all alone..
    The love which you want to give but it's all gone..

    The rain kept falling, soaking me bone deep..
    Can it really wash away my sins?