• dumurful 10w

    I spread my love

    i Spread my words under your feet

    Touch them with your lips

    Tell them the untold story of your life

    Then my words turn into a poem

    I spread my sorrow under your feet

    Kissed them with your eyes

    Hide them in your heart 

    Then my sorrow turn into happiness 

    I spread my dreams under your feet

    Give your hands

    And walking with them

    Then my dreams turn into reality 

    I will die in your eyes

    When a drop of darkness more brighter than moon light 

    When sea came to river

    When wind locked in prison 

    When birds win the war

    When every loves are endless for forever 

    I spread my death under your feet

    give them some breath 

    And some tear's heat

    My death turn into a life

    And tell you,

    Darling ...take my hand,  take my whole life too

    I can't help falling love with you