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    "My dear Sadia,

    I ain't saying that your head will stop throbbing. I ain't saying that that lump in your throat will drain. I ain't saying that your eyes won't blur ever again. I ain't saying that your chest won't pain. I ain't saying that you won't complain in silence. I ain't saying that you wouldn't wet your pillow case at odd hours of the day. 
    I ain't saying that you would stop thinking of all those alternative possibilities that could have happened instead. I ain't saying that you would stop feeling helpless and forlorn for not being able to reach out to that one person. I ain't saying that you'd stop cursing your fate. 

    Ice cold piercings tearing right through your soul! This will keep happening until you gray out. (Mhm.) 
    Baby, you have to come to terms with it. 
    I know it isn't easy..

    But will you not endure this anguish if I tell you that when your ALMIGHTY snatches a soul-dearest-with-no-compensation, from you, He inquires HIS Angels of your, HIS slave's, reaction to your state. 
    And when the Angels reply that HIS believer has said,

    "إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ"

    "Surely we belong to ALLAH and to Him shall we return. " 

    You will endure this anguish no matter how difficult it be, when you come to know of HIS, (THE GREATEST OF ALL, THE MOST MERCIFUL's)reply, 

    "Build a house in Paradise, for my slave. And name it the 'House Of Praise.' 

    There! �� If that doesn't pacify your heart, sweety. I don't know what will. 

    You are because of HIM. This is HIS world. HE will have HIS ways. I will be here to remind you this every now and then. Until then 'ShukrALLAH PAK'

    Yours forever, 


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    ~an excerpt from my heart

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