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    A love like "theirs " is all she ever wanted. She just wasn't sure if it was possible.

    "Her" Thoughts - a series of poetry, scenes , quotes and spoken words all surrounding "Her"
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    A love like "theirs" - "Her" Thoughts #8

    For outsiders looking in : a love like "theirs" was peculiar, yet refreshing .
    Dancing with Ladybugs (heaven only knows why Ladybugs) in a bed of sunflowers,they looked happy. The love seen there was enough to bring smiles upon passerby's faces.

    But. Upon further inspection.

    They would've seen that:

    Amongst the two of them: one was more loving.

    You stared at "Her" and everything about "Her" , from "Her" tanned skin, "Her" strapless white dress , "Her" bare feet and "Her" daisy encrusted garland perched upon "Her " head caused a smile to form on Your face. You know that You love "Her". You also know that she has a hard time loving freely, but You promised Your self that You'll change " Her".

    She looks in Your eyes and hopes that You'll be enough to break the curse that has surrounded "Her". She hopes that Your love would be enough to change " Her".