• nikitagandotra_ 20w

    Why Do I Have To Part?

    The stage was set
    The dream of every girl
    Now its my time to live that
    My Prince Charming standing ahead
    All eyes looking up to me
    As if I'm the princess of the ceremony
    I was the one shining stuff
    But then all emotions swept in a slay
    All the childhood memories crossed my way
    Standing behind me were those
    Who brought me up in their shadow
    Not a day passed by
    When I didn't see their face
    As my morning sun rises high
    So how today leaving all of it aside
    I am walking away to make a new life
    Setting all new beginnings forth
    Is it that instant for a girl to go
    And if I say this is not what I want
    Does the society again see me with the same warmth
    All I need to ask is that
    Why do you show it be so easy?
    Ever asked a girls heart
    What kept it pounding so fast
    The only answer her eyes want
    Tell me why do I have to part?