• jamaree_writes_poems 10w

    Little Bit

    "Going to be honest with you, I don't need much from you to keep me Satisfied,
    You can do the least and I'll be smiling ear to ear and filled with happiness on my Side,
    You just seem to have this effect on me that's so hard to Describe,
    I don't have to suck up at all nor do I have to Bribe,
    That's what happens when the connection is so flawless and Real,
    Receiving those kisses from you just gives me the ultimate Thrill,
    People don't get to experience this so I'm grateful for you as I appreciate the rarity of the Situation,
    So in return you have no option but to receive all of my endless Dedication,
    My intentions are clear as I'm focused on you with no thoughts of wanting to Quit,
    Like I said up there in that first line, don't need much from you to be satisfied as all I need is a little Bit ..."