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    'You don't play for the crowd, you play for the country' - MS Dhoni
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    Bleed Blue

    A game of respect and pride, the most admired by the nation,
    Not just a sport but an intense emotion

    From dedication to aggression,
    From composedness to consistency,
    Different players, different notable attributes,
    But all playing devotedly for the country

    From Sachin to Dhoni, from Gavaskar to Kohli,
    All hail the champions, greatest of all times, undoubtedly

    Whether they win, whether they lose,
    Before judging them, walk a mile in their shoes

    From graceful cover drives to flawless square cuts,
    From the gliding reverse sweep to the perfect helicopter shots,
    The crowd filling the stadium, watching them play, screams like a crazy peppy lot

    Playing with all their might, sporting the cherished Indian jersey,
    Carrying with them aspirations of millions of people,
    playing for their pride, amusing the spectators perky

    A team lined up perfectly, not less than a breathtaking view,
    We love them all and will always bleed blue