• aishantel 5w

    The loss Of a Bosom Friend

    Little did I know I was going to lose
    you to the cold hands of death.
    It was a decade when Bryan was
    Called by his Ancestor.
    His Death was a bombshell! leaving
    every member of his family and
    7. myself devastated.

    Seeing the photograph we took at the
    Swimming pool some years ago
    bring back all the memories we once
    11. shared together.

    Bryan used to be a close friend
    before his unpremeditated departure
    He is one in a million for we grew up
    Nothing attracted me to Bryan than
    his temperate Posture.
    We both understood each other
    because we believes there's more
    to friendship.
    Losing Bryan to a car accident is a big
    blow to my face.
    How I wish I was there to safe a
    darling friend!
    But who can stop the call of an
    26. Ancestors?
    ©Aishantel poem Olio