• xeteskian 9w

    Player Number Three

    I'm not the kind of girl you expected.
    Homewrecking at its finest was the least of my intentions.
    I left, you said you'd always be there but failed to past the test.
    "How can I be with someone when my existence only persists when I'm around? I can't trust you to be alone. You're liars that let me down."
    Throw away your morals and religion just to get a temporary bliss off of what you keep on feelin'.
    This isn't what I wanted.
    Come back home to mind games and have my sanity being taunted.
    Grow up.
    Move on.
    Let me go.
    Don't tell me that you want me.
    I don't want to be the third piece to your sick games of debauchery.
    Find out who you are and accept that it's not with me.
    "Anchor your heart in faith." Is the mindest from me you've stolen.
    It's hard to have faith in anything when the chances I give, you take and blow 'em.
    Maybe I can handle this just to save you from being alone.
    All it's going to cost is the warm, secure feeling of home.