• shreshthaawast 10w

    The hustle- bustle is numb.
    The loudspeaker is mum.
    There is mess all around,
    You just bid farewell to the crowd.
    The booze has run dry.
    The mess, confetti ; here and there, they lie.
    You look at me, your tired but pretty face.
    I don't wanna go, what if you need me? Just in case.
    ' Let's clean up!' (oh yes! The smell of that girl too.)
    I'll not tell you, that all along the evening, my only sight were You.
    'C'mon let's clean up the mess.'
    (What did you like about her? , Maybe her dress.)
    Now, I'm thinking why did I stay?
    To clean up the mess I didn't make?
    Or perhaps to give you the gesture-
    That when, gone will be party's lustre
    And you'll be looking at the chaos
    With regrets.
    I'll be the one who'll stay,
    Even when you're a mess and have lost your way.
    I'll be the one who'll help you clean
    And get you back on the track;
    After the party is over, I'll have your back.

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