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    That special person

    Everyone needs someone in their lives to whom they can talk whenever they feel low or tired. Yes it is true there is no one who is available for 24*7 but they are with you when you want them. They can be anyone your sister, your mother, your best friend, boy/girl friend or any other person. You feel so relaxed when you share your worries with them. You feel so light. They are there for you, to listen you and then they make you smile as well. That special person has solutions for your worries. They scold you, they make fun of you, they tease you but at the end they are there for you, They listen your nonsense talks. You fight like hell, you abuse each other, you get angry with them but suddenly everything change and you love each other . The bond between you and your special person is something different. You do not feel as this same with someone else. You feel happiness and joy. The feeling to be loved is on the seventh sky.
    Those who have someone like this are really blessed. Never give upon those special persons.