• mz_serenity 9w


    While we wait
    Wait on God to bring answers to our prayers
    Bring forth the fulfillment of our desires for humanity
    We will guard our gates!
    Our eyes and ears gates!

    We will not allow our gates be besieged
    We will not allow our souls be taken captive through these gates!
    We will filter what enters and stays in our souls
    We will not allow our souls be aggravated beyond the 'Holy Anger!'
    We realize that the anger of men does not fulfill the righteousness of God!

    We will not give room for the accuser to prey and feed
    We will not give room for the accuser to cause more chaos!
    We will not allow him shift our focus!
    Our focus is set on the man of Galilee
    We will focus on Him, Shepherd of our souls
    Our eyes will be single, that our whole bodies be full of light!
    Our ears will be trained to hear the voice of our Shepherd!

    We will take our protests, not just to the streets
    But to the SECRET PLACE!
    We will raise our voices where it really matters!
    There, we will settle every arguments and ease every pain!
    Justice will begin from the Secret Place to the Streets!

    We realize life is Spiritual, and we treat it as such
    We will not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy!
    The enemy has declared war!
    We will rise to the challenge!
    But this is not a war to be fought in the Physical
    With clubs and other weapons of war
    This is the End Time War!
    A war for souls!

    This war, we will fight on our knees
    This war, we will fight with the Sword of the Spirit!
    We will put on the whole armour of God
    That we may quench the fiery darts of the enemy!
    We will maintain our positions!
    We will stand upon our watch!
    We will train for this war!
    We will train to hear Him!
    We will WAIT to hear the command from the Commander of Hosts
    We will wait on His Command, for our lives are dependent on it!

    Meanwhile, as we wait,
    We will Guard our Gates!
    Mosunmola Elusanmi ✍️