• shivam31 10w

    Don't do this anymore, it's enough

    What was happen with us in daily life, was always going on like that. But wait a minute, how we treat ourselves daily, think once !
    We always think that all is going wrong was because we did it wrong or somewhere we are responsible for it, is it correct ? It's ok but only when we know that it was important. And rather than we get panic and frustrated about try to calm down just slowly, gently think is it deserves ouer attention, what if we don't get panic about it like " if it going wrong than I lost this or that" and like " I did it wrong it is the worst thing " please try not to think like all the time, because if once you think like this you get frustrated, you are giving torture to yourself, be humble with ouerself, treat ourselves like a child, because our soul want to be loved, but somewhere we harm ouerself by doing this kind of things. Just be Happy be positive, because it is life everything will came and goes, than what's wrong with living happy, because worrying about is not a solution for something. Stay Happy stay blessed