• neetesh19 22w

    Imagine a story that goes like,
    He held onto her and never let go.
    That “he” will be me and “her” will be you.

    The first time I talked to you. I knew you were trouble. You are this great girl. Differently beautiful, and you changed the way I think. The way you dance, play guitar and even write. I felt like I’ve finally found someone. Your mood swings, and all your vices. Your thoughts and your pain will be mine too. Know that you’ll never be a burden. You’ll always be a special person in my life. Being with you will never be a mistake. But not being with you will be the biggest regret of my life.

    And in moments like this, when we’re far away and see the stars in different time. I talk to them about you. And next day, they shine brightly for you. You’re the one I want to write every day. The one I wish to wrap around my words and make these letters dance around you. They say the right one will always stay. But for me? I will stay as long as you want me to.

    I want you to know that you’ll always be loved. Every little flaw and every small scar. One at a time. I might not have the best memory with you yet, but I do remember every little thing about you. That makes me go crazy. The way you open up to me about every single detail of your beautiful soul is engraved in my soul. Never been a fan of texting and talking, yet I spend hours talking to you. I used to be impatient, and now i wait for your text like the dawn waiting for the sun. And it’s not changing. I think it’s all making sense. Because to me, You matter.