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    They say "it's not the end of the world"
    Even if you can't breathe,
    Even if you can't sleep,
    Even if you think that the thunderstorm cloud is hovering over your head can burst any time,
    Even if you cry but no tears come out,
    Even if you are caged up in your own thoughts,
    Even if you think you are the last person who actually cares or the last person literally,
    Even if you cry for help but no one can hear you,
    Even if you are holding on to your nightmare because letting them go would break your heart,
    Even if you feel dead inside,
    Even if unconsciously you have created this wall around yourself,
    Even if you feel suffocated here.
    "No, it's not the end of the world."
    "Ok then" I ask, "why is it then?"
    And they say,
    "It's your own personal apocalypse darling, dance through it"
    "A little ending which is not ending right now. Like when a new movie is about to hit the theater and you loved the trailer but while you are watching it you curse your judgment and just want the movie to end somehow.
    You come out after the grave torture of two hours. You take an aspirin to kill that headache and just breathe over the fact that you don't have to watch it again.
    It's the same little apocalyptic movie but just here the ending is too prolonged.
    So either you sit tight if you can bear the 'it's been too long' ending, or you can dance your way out of the movie theater, get an aspirin, and hit the road with some loud music on your way back home.
    After all it's not about the ending. But what the after credit scene holds for you."

    And sometimes what 'they' say,
    It hits me.
    Right there.
    Where it just hit you.

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    When it hits you. #7

    After all it's not about the ending.
    But what the after credit scene has for you in store.
    Maybe a glimpse of a next story?