• original_closet_poet 6w

    Seeking validation in the wee hours of the mournin’. I search for my name on the lists of those I find inspirational. Am I good enough for you? My heart questions it’s own worth. Do you find me as inspirational as I find you? Is this a one way street of admiration? Or two? I wonder if my worth can be validated by knowing or unknowing who sees me. SEES ME! I laugh at this for I am just letters on a page.. there is no voice. But yours. No face but the one you envision in your mirror. I am void of anything to be measured. So why do I seek out value here? Why do I care if you care? Are you even out there? Or am I in here alone? I’ll go on guessing and wondering and holding on to hope. That I mattered to you. That someone heard me and thought I was worthy. That someone felt my presence through the page.