• roxana91 5w

    Thinking of you

    When the stars of the sky light up
    And the tired people go to bed,
    I pull the blanket over my heart
    And start thinking about.

    I know I haven't told you a word
    Since our last meeting.
    I was wrong,
    You were wrong too.
    We probably didn't have a chance
    To get to know each other better.

    I was expecting a sign from you
    And you were probably expecting
    A sign from someone else.
    Unfortunately I do not have the ability
    To read another's mind.

    Tomorrow, another day, another chance.
    With more expectations from my life.
    I am lost between trying again and moving on. Whatever I try,
    You keep me captive in chains.

    Only demons hurt the wings of angels.
    This time, Cupid's arrow brought me only troubles.
    Hot blood flows through my veins,
    I want to know if I can ever see you again.

    Will you ever be able to love me?
    For who I really am ? Or I will have to shoot my heart
    to never feel the same?