• michael_14 5w

    When I am gone

    Remember this night,
    As a memory,
    Its the last time we tried,
    To be what we wanna be.

    Tomorrow will be different,
    A new challenge
    There will be distance,
    Still we will try to keep balance.

    I will call you,
    When I need a friend,
    Just talk as we do,
    No new trend.

    Destiny wants us to broke,
    But we will not loose hope,
    I will try till my last breathe,
    To reach where you are at.

    I hope you will miss me too,
    And will not find someone new,
    I will come back for you,
    Fight god, even if I have to.

    Just don't cry when I am gone,
    Sing your favorite song,
    Just keep smiling,
    I promise I will never let go this feeling.