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    There was a couple of husband and wife named Amar and Aastha, lived in a village...was a rich family had a great property, but orthodox. He didn't want a girl child. He wanted a son to take care of his property. He said clearly to his wife that he don't want a girl. He will accept only a boy. After some time , his wife gave birth to a girl child named Sita. He didn't want a daughter so he got angry and beated his wife like anything. He tried again to have a boy but again she gave birth to a girl named disha and he blasted on his wife , so sent her to her paternal home. After 6 months he again desired for a boy and went to her home to bring her back...they tried and the result was Avni his third daughter. He kicked her out of the house with her daughters. Aastha shifted at her father's house only. Years later, she got paralyzed by legs and day by day her parents were getting aged. In that crutial situation also nobody was giving any kinda job to her daughters. She was helpless to feed her children...After some time her daughters got an offer to go for the work of prostitution to get some money and they agreed without mother's permission. They started going to brothel and had a good income source for their family. One day their Amar went to that brothel and saw his daughters doing this kinda work, he started abusing their mother by saying that she is also a prostitute and you all are making her proud to do this work. He caught their hair and dragged them to his wife, Aastha's house. He saw his wife crying on the death of her parents. He said all this thing to his wife and gone. Then also they used to went there secretly from their mother to earn money. One day their mother made Sita an disha married in a same house. Sita got pregnant and her husband died after 4 months of her pregnancy and disha's husband was an alcoholic person so she divorced him. After few months first one got a tag for being a mother of twin baby girls. It was hard to run the house for those ladies but Avni was continuing with the job of prostitution..After some time her mother thought to arrange a marriage of Avni because day by day she was getting wrinkled and what to say about her weak bones...so she agreed to get married. Her sisters chose a bridegroom for Avni and she got married. Her sisters didn't know, that guy was the son of their father's friend. Avni was very sad in her in-laws. Because they used to beat her , tease her, the only one who respected her in that house was her younger brother in-law named Siddharth. He tried a lot to protect Avni from his family doing this misbehave. She didn't know when they both fell in love with each other. One day Avni's husband got fully dunked and that night he misbehaved with all his anger at his wife. Amar had filled her husband's ear and sent him to do that. Because according to her father to have a girl in house is a matter of taint on the whole family and his wife also insulted him in front of the society by giving birth to three daughters. That's why their father wanted to break also the house of his daughter Avni . She was upset and mentally disturbed by seeing all this situation. One day her mother in law told her son that she want to become a grandmaa of a grandson and he forced his wife while she was not prepared and not wanted a child...Avni had a miscarriage after eight months of her pregnancy. That time she was totally heartbroken and had a grief of losing her baby, she was suffering from anxiety disorders and depression. One night she sat at the window of the room and cried a lot, and felt like her whole family is been cursed and literally being a girl is a curse. Due to some mental disorders, she picked up a knife and killed her husband, immediately got breathless, started crying and ran from there with the clothes dripping sweat..went to her father's house and killed him too......that time,
    ...silence all around....
    peace all around....
    satisfaction all around....
    She felt like she is getting free from a prison bond.....relaxed.
    After some time Siddharth accepted Avni as his wife. Finally, she stood up for her family and gone in an another city for getting settled with her family and husband. Her husband supported and made her literate..she started doing a job in a school. She also fed her both sisters and the twin baby girls of her sister Sita, and made them able. It was a happy family. After sometime she also gave birth to a babygirl. Her husband was so happy to had a girl and they used to call her by the name of Esha...they gave her a well upbringing and made her an independent bird. Esha got highly literate and started managing the business of her father. She married with the person whom she liked and made her parents proud grandparents of a baby boy ..they risen above all the evils of their past ,that day the mentality of the people had been changed, and her mother Avni.. uprooted the so called curse of that family.

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    A cursed family and
    A proud murderer.