• bluewritings 5w

    I am in love ,I am in love .
    Ohh love at first sight ahh ?
    Yup love at first sight .
    The moment I came to know about it my heart started to beat rapidly that even I can hear it ,my heart beat .
    You are all thinking who it might be right ? 
    Then listen carefully, first I will tell you about my love�. 
    I don't know that it was my love when it is way in me as my hidden mystery .
    It was with me till ages but I wasn't able to recognize it ,how bad am I right ?
    Seriously, how I wasn't able to recognize my love till these many years!
    How am I not able to recognize my love for my passion?!
    By now you should have understood who my love is right ?
    Yes my love is my passion. 
    I love my passion to the core .
    My passion is writing .
    I love it very much .

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    I am in love 


     Don't come to conclusions without reading the caption .