• komalbatra 23w

    You know we humans we are blessing of God that we could see it and feel it.
    Although after everything we’re also the one who destroys the Mother Nature.
    We haven’t been good to them.
    But, yet they feel us like home.

    A step to save nature.

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    The evening

    Ever sat on the terrace while sun is setting ?
    Looked into clouds with your deep eyes like you look at your lover ?
    Ever felt that happiness of birds going home after a long day to their family.
    The chirping voice of birds it’s so peaceful & merrily.
    Tress whom from between the little air passes by and makes a humming sound.
    The sounds of children’s playing after their schools.
    The little cold you feel when you try to feel the sunset.
    The rays of sun cutting the clouds from between,
    Creating the natural colours rainbow on it’s own.
    Like everyone is trying to convey us the message,
    The message of
    How Free the birds are
    How beautiful everything is, simple yet so perfect.
    How we could feel the cold the chills in summers thou?
    How we can listen to birds chirping and playing around.
    It’s the magic of nature when you try to feel it you actually live in it.