• drine_the_poet 6w


    Healthcare Professional of the Year
    Compliments from supervisors and my peers
    My work ethic is superior
    My bubbly personality from my interior
    Helping others gives me joy
    Making a difference is my ploy
    Learning new things daily makes me feel renewed
    Team player is the dice I play
    I'd do anything for others
    But for me? No way
    People say "Wow she is always happy."
    Interact as a mother after work
    Make dinner
    Review homework
    Watch some cartoons
    Bath time and bedtime
    It's almost Mommy time woo-hoo
    Kiss and hug my baby goodnight
    Go to my bedroom
    Shower up and refresh
    Grab my notebook as I sit up in my bed
    Thinking to myself "Whew I did it again."
    Take the Mask off
    Noone is here to see
    When the alarm clock sounds off
    The Mask goes back on
    First thing in the morning...

    Written: 10.10.19