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    ᴅᴇᴀʀ sᴇᴘᴛᴇᴍʙᴇʀ

    I desire to slew
    you with no fare
    well, as I sit back
    and wait for the
    breeze to fill my
    lungs ablaze for
    weeks on end.
    I want you to know;
    that it's not the
    that hurts, or the
    betrayal, it is the


    wait is like autumn,
    and I am a trifling
    sycamore leaf that
    dries and crackles
    under your feet.

    when you call me
    from beyond the
    night sky I no longer
    feel guilty to have
    the urge to say -
    'I have the right to choose.'
    I was once viridescent
    I thought my beauty
    is perennial, fresh.
    I can be sanguine,
    I can be valorous,
    I can be righteous,
    I can be obstinate,
    I can be cider and
    still be eye-catching,
    I can be me...

    But I can not be anguished.

    I don't allow the
    drew drops to
    tumble, today I
    caught three on
    the sleeve of my
    amazon coating;
    biting my veins to
    fight the pain, with
    neverending pain.
    Dear September,
    a portion of me
    knows that I am
    susceptible but
    those "what ifs"
    from before creates
    a cacophony of
    noises louder than
    my sight can decipher.

    You aren't even gone yet,

    I still flinch as soon
    as the bees buzz,
    It is hard to swallow
    the accusations as
    I have to crave per-
    mission to be happy.
    I make sure I leave
    no dust on your
    tombstone, I even
    carry a herbicide;
    named insecurities,
    as you pass by like
    any other month
    I want you to know
    that I'm still searching

    for something to believe in.


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