• roxana91 10w

    It is a kind of

    It's a kind of loneliness
    That brings me to my knees.
    Only those who feel alone,
    Can recognize it.

    It is a kind of sick love
    That heals my heart.
    Only those who love like me,
    Can feel it for the lover.

    It is a kind of nightmare
    That is repeated every night,
    Those who can not dream,
    Dream it all about.

    It's a kind of life I don't live
    For fear of disappointing my family.
    Only those who want to live differently,
    Can understand my meaning.

    It's a kind of nostalgia for the feelings
    That once burned in my veins,
    Taking me to her heart,
    Still waiting for her to come,
    But I'm sure, I'm waiting in vain.

    There is another self
    That I lost trying to be like the rest.
    But those who get lost
    Can recognized my lose.