• duchesspearl 10w

    Be That Woman

    Some ladies are irresistible; everywhere they go they are adored by men, treated like angels and wanted by every man. Never the less, some are the direct opposite, the only reason a man would want them is for their centre region and when he’s done there, he’s out, never to come back except he’s bored again.
    Do not be deceived; two things that would bring a man to you but won’t keep him with you are sex and beauty.
    They are not just enough;
    when he’s had enough sex and seen your beautiful face a million times, what’s next?
    Some women are extremely beautiful, you could call them a goddess but that’s that about them; they are loved from afar but hated when you get to know them.
    Most women don’t know what would keep their man; they think it’s only about sex and beauty.
    Some things are way more important than that and not until you go learn those things called morals, you are gonna be prowling around different men like forever!!!
    Be that woman you would want your daughters to be!!!