• patelabdulrehman5 139w

    In your mind, I see the demons that you've been hiding.
    In your eyes, I see the guilt that's slowly been rising.
    In your heart, I feel the pain hidden beneath the shame.
    I could feel your spirit dying on the very first moment that you came.
    I could hear the voice inside you screaming and breaking,
    Along with all the happiness that I figured you had been faking.
    I could see you trying to keep the monsters inside you caged,
    While all along, all you did was try to fade.
    I could see the person you were becoming,
    Deep inside your veins, I could feel the lies running.
    In your soul, I saw a broken spirit.
    All I could do was wish that others, too, could hear it.
    I could see you turn into something so destructive,
    Your mind was so dangerous and your soul had been abducted.
    But the only reason why I gave you so much attention,
    Was because in you, I could see myself as a reflection.