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    "You better be good with me." I was going to slap her when someone grabbed my hand.
    "Leave my hand." When I turned back it was Robin.
    "What are you doing? Why are you slapping her?"
    "Robin stay out of it."
    "Why are you doing this? Bullying?"
    "Bullying? Are you crazy? From now, don't you dare talk to me." I shouted loudly.
    "Kiara!! Don't say something like this."
    "Tracy, let's go. Others might be waiting for us. Debate competition is near."

    Conversation between Robin and Eileen.
    "Why is she angry? What she was doing is wrong."
    "Huh! Robin she was not going to slap her anyway."
    "But.. why no one was saying anything. If I had not come, then the fight would have been large."
    "Umm.... Because everyone know what type of person Claire is. I guess, Kiara would be angry by what you did today."
    "Mmm... Before starting only everything ended."
    "Can't do anything!! I said you, not to interfere in her matters."
    "Ahhh!! Why? Why I did this?"
    "Can't do anything! She won't talk to you aleast for 1 week."
    "What? One week?? Why??"
    "Huh!! Why you are asking me. You are the one at fault. You made her angry!!"
    "By the way, can you tell me 8th standard incident."
    "Why? It's nothing interesting to discuss."
    "Why everyone is saying this only. I asked Kiara she said the same thing."
    "Actually, even if if tell you, nothing will change between you two. Aleast for now."
    "I know! But still, I want to know."
    "It happened during inter-school drawing compition. All of us were preparing for it. That day Kiara was the last person to leave the art room. Ms Walsh told Kiara to keep her favourite vase on the table..."
    "What happened next?"
    "Next day the vase was found broken. Since, Kiara was the last person to leave. Ms Walsh blamed her for this. She was told to run 5 rounds of ground."
    "What? 5 rounds? That too of McCleans!!"
    "Ahh! Don't interfere. Let me complete. She did it but because of that she got shoe bite, her feets were swollen up. She didn't come to school for almost 2 week."
    "She really did that?"
    "Nahh!! It was Clarie. She hates Kiara. No doubt! Ahh! Where I was?"
    "You said Clarie broke the vase."
    "Yes!! All the students of our class gave a combined letter to Ms Walsh requesting to check the cctv footage. Later, we got to know that it was Clarie not Kiara who broke the vase. After that neither Ms Walsh not kaira talked with each other."
    "Ahhh!! This Clarie. Wasn't she punished?"
    "Huh! She was suspended for 2 months."
    "Nice!! She deserves it."
    "Then why you helped her today?"
    "I was not knowing about it!!"

    Josh doesn't stop nagging Simone about putting her name down for the debating team. Friday is the last day before the list will be taken down and teams formed.
    "Josh, get over it will you?" She said in a harassed tone, as she walks beside me and Eileen on our way to class.
    "Guys, please. Can't you shut your mouth. And what's your obsession with her being on the team?" I shouted badly on Josh.
    "Okk!! Fine, Kiara. Don't be like this."
    "Ahh!! I'm sorry. I'm in a bad mood from the morning." I apologized Josh.

    After recess, me and Josh went to Senior Sam.
    "What's with the debate? Are you guys ready for it!" He asks both of us.
    "Ahh!! No. The only people who have signed up who can actually put a decent performance on are Josh, Martin, Tracy and me. Otherwise, we're stuck with Tia and Clarie. Now I know Claire's just doing it because of Tia is, and I have it on good authority that Tia's only signed up because she's got hots for Josh and thinks this will bring them closer together. That all!" I said Senior.
    "Ummm... No problem! Talk to Lara, she might help you." Lara is my Senior, Year Twelve.
    "She is my last hope. Let's see! I will talk to her afterwards."
    While we were talking someone opened the door.....
    To be continued.......

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