• deibuong_ 6w

    A Love we Realized

    From the day we met,
    it's a date i could never forget.
    love was without barriers,
    we were little warriors.

    they say we had to trust what was there,
    so we put our trusts through the air.
    love knows no walls,
    it was a never ending falls.

    the day i fear, was the day i did,
    falling for you was a feeling i never hid.
    i never thought you'd feel the same,
    i thought love knows no game.

    Destiny has allowed us to meet,
    i closed my eyes, and breathe.
    the air felt so right,
    we thought love was at our sight.

    your gravity meets mine,
    i thought that was a sign.
    i thought our love was that strong,
    i've held once, now it didn't take that long.

    even if i've defended my self, i'd still lose,
    now, you were there, waiting for perfect cues.
    love was our chain to our forever,
    the chain we thought we could measure.

    we happened at the wrong time,
    i know it wasn't fine,
    but we realized something,
    it's not about destiny, it's about who you want to spend it with.