• bvgutz 5w

    The Vessel

    Tell me what's inside,
    Would you let me know?
    The content that makes me wonder,
    the ones you hold, the ones you keep.
    I'm sincerely fascinated,
    I'm passionately interested.
    It's where the milk and honey,
    And all the bad blood flow.
    It's where the gentle bliss
    And the angry storm blow.
    It's where the green grass
    And the wildfire grow.
    The day in a life, the life in a day.
    The lame days after the game day.
    The red days, the bad hair days.
    The times when you have to wipe off your own tears.
    The sleepless and tiring nights.
    The times you chose between fight or flight.

    Don't get me wrong,
    I've seen you from the outside
    and I gotta say, oh yeah you can slay.
    Your smile, hell yes, your smile.
    Have you ever heard someone described your smile before?
    Did they said that it's pretty and wonderful,
    and beautiful and enchanting,
    and every good words about your dentist?
    Did they said they love it?
    Oh I bet they do, I can't blame them and
    I'm not gonna argue with that.
    But I don't know about them...
    I like your smile better when I don't see it, nor anybody can see it.
    I like your smile better when you don't have to count 1 to 3 and say cheese.
    I like your smile better when you don't care if you have tinga.
    Because it means you're happy and you can't fake that smile.

    I don't know what I am to you.
    I'm just a man who adores you from what I see on the outside.
    But I am also a man who wants to know where to contain this love that I have.
    And as for me, you're always been the vessel.