• rikard_the_lost 5w

    Are you broken? Have you fallen and feel lost in that darkness that binds? Always remember to stand back up. Down lay in your past and embrace the pain. Standing tall and putting your demons on display is the only way to stop the rain.

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    My demons

    From a after thought to a persistence that is key. Its never been about how we fail it's about how we get back up. You keep on looking at me like you judge what I've done. You think you know my pains and what over my head hangs.

    So now I leave my demons on display. No matter how far I fall you can't know how many times I had to get back up. Scars in my skin like the ignorance in your mind. To judge a man without ever being able to know gods plan. Broken halos and shattered dream litter my mind but it is YOU that is blind. Could never see this darkness that binds.

    So remember no matter how it hurts when you fall, you have to stand back up and stand tall. Never seeing past your demons is ok because its not about the fall, its about how you get back up. These are my demons here for you all on display. Now my regrets will decay. I have finally gotten back up.