• princejamela04 6w


    I saw you,loved you and finally had you,
    It wasn't planned but this love is true,
    Here's what I want you to know,
    You love me but I love you more.

    I've spent years dreaming of true love,
    Suddenly there's you,gift from above.
    You opened my eyes to a lot of new things,
    You lifted me high and gave me wings.

    You walked straight into my heart,time stood still,
    You loved me,down my spine went chills.
    Wonderful feelings I struggled to embrace,
    I've never felt this at any place.

    We fight,we argue and disagree,
    But at the end it's you and me.
    Just so you know,
    When in my eyes love doesn't show,
    Remember to listen to my heart beat,
    Its rhythm reaches the ocean's feet.