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    The Innocent Boy

    Once there lived a boy name Abu.

    Abu was an innocent boy who never make any mistakes at all.

    Even if he make any mistakes, people will still forgive him.

    As Abu was an innocent boy, the people in the village always talked about him and are very envy with him.

    But Abu just ignored and pretend that he did not hear anything.

    But actually deep inside, he was upset with what the villagers are saying.

    Abu was so upset till one day he pack his things and lived the village in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping.

    Nobody knew of where Abu went to till the next day that the villagers realised that Abu house was empty without anything left outside.

    No shoes, windows are closed and doors are always locked.

    The villagers realised that they did a mistake towards Abu.

    The villagers tried to find Abu but could not find him at all.

    They was thinking on where Abu went.

    The villagers then plan to search Abu at Semangkuk City at Malaysia but did not managed to find him.

    The villagers keep searching for him until one day someone saw Abu near the seaside at the village itself.

    He was drown as the sea waves are strong.

    Abu was actually left drown 24 hours without anyone's help as nobody was around in the middle of the night.

    The people who witnessed the incident cried and regret on what they have talked about Abu.

    They then regret and seek help from their lord and promised themselves not to talked about Abu and not to be envy with Abu again.

    The End!

    Hope you enjoy my story! :)