• writeendlessly 6w

    Slip-on shoes

    I use to wear slip on shoes. Easy and quick to put on, bing bam boom done.
    I went through a couple pairs of these a year., Being on my feet 10 hours a day, I always complained about how my ankles hurt. Yet, I never changed the shoes. I did this for a couple years, wearing them and expecting my ankles not to hurt.
    After I while I got tie shoes. First time I put them on, tied them up, and wore them, my feet felt great! They had support. They where comfortable and at the end of the day, my ankles didn't hurt. Also, at the end of the day, I just slipped them right off. Didn't untie them, nothing just, boop right off.
    Next day, I wiggled my foot into the pre tie shoe, and worked my normal shift. Noticed that the support wasn't like it was yesterday but it still felt better then the slip on shoes.
    Again, went home slipped them off and called it day.
    Over the next few weeks, the loops of the tied shoelaces would unravel and I would just tuck it in. Never to retye them.
    I got so lazy to the point I would just jam my foot in my shoe, tongue buried to the tips of my toes and my heels stepping on the back.
    I was lazy. Didn't want to tie my shoes. It took too long to do. I would wear them like that, complain about my ankles and my back. Never changing what affected them.
    The lazy shoes are just the tip of the iceberg. My laziness from that also, contributed to my laziness in house work, laziness in maintaining relationships, laziness in my job, laziness to my family. Laziness in my marriage.
    I would sit here and preach about change and how I am going to better in all those aspects.
    Do it for a day then get lazy again.
    It starts with the shoes.
    Go home, untie them put them away. When it's time to wear them, put them on, tie them and realize that in order for things to change. The process needs to be constant and the process turns to a habit. You can break a habit. Regardless if it's good or bad, they can be broken and fixed.
    If I can tie my shoes, I can change my life.