• satishkrishn 5w

    Sometimes I wonder,
    to whom I'm telling all of this..
    why am I writing.
    Nobody cares.
    It doesn't make a difference to anyone at all
    what I write
    what someone is going through in their life.
    Nobody gives a shit
    if my words don't come out right,
    if I write under my real name
    or a pseudonym of my choice.
    It's like I'm screaming to a crowd.
    Hoping that some random passerby will stop
    and actually listen and understand..
    that the voice going into their ears,
    isn't just a sound
    it contains words
    and they're meaningful
    I've been damaging my throat
    Screaming every single day,
    hoping that maybe everyone
    or at least someone is listening...
    maybe they're just busy telling their own story
    to reciprocate or respond to mine.
    But I've been standing
    in the sun, the rain, the fog..
    and I'm tired now..
    and I wish to stop...
    But thenI wonder
    what will happen if I stop screaming?