• bhawna__ 5w

    For I have seen many greys in the shades of that colourful pain..
    I hope she'll forgive me after reading my portrait..
    I hope it'll visit through her eyes,
    and what if she ,again, didn't give me a smile?
    #shadowc #writersbay

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    She just hates me,
    For being politely honest with her,
    She doesn't talk to me,
    For we never really did,
    She ignores me after reading,
    For I discomfort her,
    As she is the strongest attraction,
    And she's in love with me,
    But we both have egoistic souls,
    Somewhere we admire that more,
    She doesn't talk to me,
    For I was aquainted with her when I was not searching for love,
    For being me,
    And for the selfless greetings.
    We just stalk each other,