• paradoxroutine 9w

    Something for nothing

    Sons of syne.
    Show me the way of kin.
    So that I may see.
    Guide me too the battle space,
    So that I may win.
    Forward to the flank.
    Legion's of the sun.
    Forward to victory,
    Suns of sin.
    Find rage in your light.
    By sol kindred means.
    Shine hope upon the night.
    High above on a spacious disc.
    In this effervescence of mitigated might.
    The wayward voided winds shelter you.
    The matter shall wane, wax and crest.
    Glimmer of the moon beside me.
    I see your craters made of fright.
    Fornlorn little lost satellite.
    Glow with brilliance.
    My mini moon of moons'.
    Shimmer and follow...
    Those sun dogs you chase in the twilight.