• king12 6w

    There is a new wind of revival
    Men should cheer at it's arrival
    Oh dear, don't hesitate,come along
    The resilence is strong.
    Lost on hope?Build on nothing?
    Don't listen to the words of the aging,
    Just listen,there is a new wind of revival.

    Forget the past,forget the pain,
    work now while time is ticking
    sometimes some pains are worth absorbing.
    I told you not to hesitate,
    just come along and,
    Feel it,there is a new wind of revival.

    Leftover feelings hurts,I know.
    Don't blame him,
    why worry over things you can't control?
    This is the time,just grow through it
    Don't hesitate,hasten not your heart!
    Pump it,there is a new wind of revival.

    The memories are bitter
    but see,the future will glitter,
    Life is all about moving on
    so listen,feel it, pump it and,
    respond to the new wind of revival.

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