• ink_stained_feelings 5w


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    Dark clouds and thunder reign the sky
    They bring not just rain,
    They bring back the lost time, the memories the pain.
    As one walks the road nothing to shield it from the pouring rain.
    Getting drenched with not just water but also with memories and pain.

    Walking with a heavy heart towards a destination unknown
    Trying to escape this unnecessary down pour.
    Every step taken,
    Heavier it gets.
    Yet when I look around
    It's not just me but so many more.
    Walking the same path to a destination unknown

    Head bowed down, shielding their eyes
    Trying to see the way clearly or hiding their pain with this disguise?
    A heavy silence surrounds,
    Only the rain, howling winds and the thunder to be heard
    Walking the path to a destination unknown.