• ammarafaiz 9w

    Creatures With Devil Minds

    Living in a world filled with monsters

    Eating up all your securities and turning peace and happiness into distress 

    A place where mankind forgot what humans act like

    A place where these creatures feed on by making judgments and insults to one's appearance

    They put you in a dark shell where an escape passage does not exist

    Filling up your void with a tsunami that you can only drown in

    You see someone as beautiful as the sun that rises from the horizon

    And you quickly assume that they must be sweet like the cotton candy you get from a festival

    You see someone not as pretty as the other one and you quickly make a judgement

    “Cruel like the north wind that destroys our homes”

    “Sitting on the top of the hill underneath a starry night not getting enough of the view”

    These monsters will never stop ranting, but that doesn’t stop you from ruling this world against filth

    These beasts belong into the unknown

    A place where devil minds lurk leaving no room for the good and innocent

    But always remember that YOU are the owner of yourself

    If you love yourself then these terrifying creatures will disappear just like the speck of dust in the sunlight