• goddess_of_blazingwords 10w


    Soliloquy my new song
    Tears my companion
    Sadness fills my heart
    Lover from the past; my poems Favourite muse
    Look at me!
    A seamstress I have become
    Mending the broken pieces of my heart with just needle and thread
    Can it ever be whole again ?

    How can I smile
    When my scars are cleaned with tears.
    Bowing to Enya's tunes
    I was dying everyday
    Silently and slowing
    Having no one around to Care

    Drowned in love
    Left to shatter
    His words captivated me
    Whilst he loved another
    Now here I am left only with a heart bent and broken.
    I'd find peace within the walls of these ink stained words I write
    Heal dear.. The wind whispers to me in sadness
    I was lonely before you came around
    Now you left; this heart I'm trying to sew back together has been futile "A desert"
    Dear heart break the pain you brought into my life is massive and unbearable I wish I had never fallen In love.
    These are the written pained words of a sad soul.
    Bambi's words
    Bleeding ink
    The dearest one
    Hope Bomate Nelson