• escaping_leigh 10w

    To man number 1
    You stole part of me ill never get back.
    People asked why i Despise you but they haven't seen the back of your closet like me. They havent seen how impure your hands are they havent seen the wreckage you've done to my Temple. They have not seen the bruises on my body caused by you. They will never understand the cheering from my mouth in the back of a room looking at your coffin but because you i'd pick the bad guys.

    To man number 2
    Bruises babys and buzzes
    I loved you but not as much as the drugs you feed to me . i thought doing it after you pushed me to would make you love me. The rejection stung more than all the blows you delivered to my body. Soon i was hooked to more than you. The high would take me away from my pain. Being loved wrong than not at all was okay to me.
    You gave me so many drugs i thought we would stay traped in time. Time finally froze when i lost a baby we hadn't planed or known about. Your fist was always flying but i got the knock out when we ended because the addiction was over.

    To man number 3
    You are destorying my soul.
    My temple has finally healed from men before but you pick me apart. My temple isnt what it use to me its grown and cracked and has graffiti on the walls. But it will not tumble on you if you worship it. Yet you've taken a wrecking ball to it. You showed me not all abuse comes from a hit or physical touch but your words could leave a mental scare . I thought you was different but you lay with another woman monday till thursday and step to my temple doors smelling like her. To man number 3 thank you for showing me a new reason to run from love. Cheers to proving you was like all the men before. #life #diary #poetry

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