• mark_joshua 23w

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    Growing up
    I was looking​ up
    Thinking that monsters​ would come from a planet ..galaxies and light years away from earth
    I believed in alien life forms
    I believed in beings with horns and tails
    I never knew that I believed in fairy tales
    The irony is, monsters are real and they don't have green blood
    They have erythrocytes in their veins
    Yet they bring nothing but pains
    Their weapons decorated with blood stains
    Trigger happy men
    They don't have empathy for men
    You smell good ?
    You're a suspect
    You look good ?
    You're a suspect
    They're men with mental flaws
    Yet they're self acclaimed custodians​ of our laws
    They play judge, Executioner and jury
    Cross their paths and face their fury

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    Monsters among men

    They were formed to give us hope
    Now don't feel safe whenever we see them
    They're an emblem of destruction